This product is design to assist parents in payment of their children school fees. A research was conducted and it was noticed that many children was turned to products of child labour due to inability of parents to pay their children school fees and the school in return refuse them access into the school premises until payments are made.

Procedure for accessing the products

1. Registration form of N500

2. Letter from the school.

3. Filling of Guarantor Form

4. Cost of Services @ 20%

5. Repayment Period of 12 weeks


Our Products

-Ideal Realtor Education Scheme


-Household item Acquisition

-ROSCA-Rotating Saving and Current Account

-Group Loan

-Individual Loan

-Software Management

benefit 2 Parents

-It Reduce Child Labour

-Flexibility in repayment

-It give confidence to parent

-No withdrawal of wards from school

-it Reduces community hazards

-Avoidance of Embarrasment

benefit to School

- It Increase pupil enrolment

-It Remove stress of dealing with many parents

-It give confidence to school