ROSCA- Rotating saving current account is new products develop by the company to mob money from the market women /men to run the business effectively. This product was design with the intension to generate fund and reduce too much dependent on finance through the commercial bank because of the higher interest rate.

The product is operated within the month by contributing a specific amount raging from N200 and above for 22 workings day. The amount the person has a savings with us will be multiply twice and give as a loan , the client has he/her saving to himself while the one added by the company is loan that attract 5% per month and this will be paid over a period of 22 working days added with regular savings of the client.

The procedure for accessing the products is:

1. No Registration fee

2. Minimal cost of services per months 5%

3. Utility Bill

4. Daily contribution

5. Filling of Guarantor form

Two (2 ) Credit officers will be employed to drive the process so that enough funds can be generated to drive the business.


Our Products

-Ideal Realtor Education Scheme


-Household item Acquisition

-ROSCA-Rotating Saving and Current Account

-Group Loan

-Individual Loan

-Software Management


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